about us

Let's go beyond single product packaging. We make sustainable bulk packs of natural soap bars, palm-oil free, right here in Aotearoa, and send them naked straight to you.

Beyond launched last year in time for Plastic Free July, when millions of people across the world take up the challenge to refuse single use plastic. Beyond aims to help households around New Zealand eliminate one more stream of waste - the millions of individually wrapped soap packages sent to landfill.

A small local company keen to do their bit to clean up the world and a master soaper.

Together we craft fabulous soap from all-natural, plant-based ingredients. We leave out the pointless single-product packaging, palm oil, the fancy advertising, the petrochemicals, and even the animal products.

The idea for Beyond came from a couple of households passionate about reducing their household waste; they wanted to make a bulk sustainable soap available for New Zealanders. They didn’t like the farming practices around palm oil. So they left that out.
They had switched to soap bars quite some time ago. But they didn’t like the fact all their soap bars came in single-packets that are often plastic lined and can’t be home composted or recycled - so they left them out too.

Beyond Soap bars are a clean alternative to the pesky single use liquid soap bottles and plastic lined packaging New Zealanders throw away daily.

Liquid soap’s carbon footprint is 25% larger than traditional soap bars, and more waste is produced due to the generous pump which gives us 7 times more product than we need.
Beyond soap wants to change people’s habits further and eliminate the individual packets as well.

Beyond Soap bars come in sets of 10, naked and nestled snugly in a compostable cardboard box with a compostable paper wrap. The soap itself is full of the good stuff - made with olive and coconut oil and blended with shea butter, almond oil and natural orange, peppermint and lavender essential oils.

"We believe sustainable products should be made more affordable and accessible. Between our humble households, we have 6 teenagers, that’s a lot of soap to go through! We don’t want to be responsible for costing the earth but also have remained affordable. In the future we’d like to find ways to be even more accessible for households where sustainable products are not within budget."

Beyond sustainable packs of 10 bars of soap are delivered to your door to make life that little bit easier.

From team beyond, we hope you love using beyond as much we do!

Josh, Charlene and Scott.