beyond in the media

Beyond soap emerged during the 1st Covid-19 lockdown of 2020. By July we had our first production, packaging and website all set up ready to go. At a time when hand washing was a hot topic, we got our bars in the hands of some amazing people who helped us to begin telling our story during plastic-free July. We continue to get rave reviews and recommendations from media, influencers, social groups and people who share our belief in making cleaner, waste-free lifestyle choices.





“beyond soap bars are: made in NZ, subscription scheme, one of the most affordable (if not THE most), Palm Oil Free”



Happy Plastic Free July, Hōngongoi Kirihou/ para Kore! 



One of the simplest swaps you can make to go plastic free is to swap liquid soap for a bar of soap.”


Plastic Free July Tip Make the switch from liquid soap to a good old bar.”


Because it's one of those things we all have in our house... but how much actual thought do we put into it. Is our soap good for our body AND the planet? Happy planet soap? What even is that?