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One of our Whānau is in need.

Josh from Beyond soap's brother-in-law Roger has been given some terrible news.

In September 2021, Roger developed a tumour on his back. After many Ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, biopsies and blood tests, it was determined to be a very rare and aggressive Merkel Cell Carcinoma. In the ensuing wait, the tumour grew so quickly that the plastic surgeon deemed it too huge to operate on. Urgent radiation was the only option.

December saw Roger drive from his home to Christchurch, totalling up to 5,800 km for daily radiation treatments. After overcoming severe and incredibly painful radiation burns over the holiday period, and as the tumour had completely shrunk, he thought he had beaten this horrendous and invasive cancer. He even dared to relax a little.

Mid-February Roger started to suffer from excruciating pain in his back where the tumour used to be and lost feeling in his lower left arm, and power to his hand. After a trip to the doctor, a CT scan that had been scheduled for March 18th was brought forward urgently to February 24th. From there, things started to unravel again as multiple inoperable tumours were discovered in Roger's abdomen.

The prognosis is not good. Roger has been given 3-4 months to live, without treatment. It appears that the only treatment that will possibly have an effect on this cancer is Immunotherapy. Unlike its brother Melanoma, Merkel Cell Carcinomas are not Government-funded for some reason. This means they have to find $85-100,000 to fund this treatment to buy Roger possibly a year to 18 months to spend with his family.

So, we're giving away a year's supply of soap for 2 households. 

Donate $10 via this page, share the post on facebook or instagram, Tag the friend you'd also like to win. And if you win, we'll give both households a year's supply of soap. That's a box of 10 bars every 3 months for the next year for you and a friend. And you'll be making a difference to Roger and his family.

$10 per entry (multiple entries are accepted).

All proceeds from this will go direct to Roger's fundraising campaign. The winner will be drawn at the end of April. If you'd like to donate directly to his givealittle, please click here to find out more.